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I am fortunate to have been in many interesting and beautiful places. Between family vacations, boy scout outings, business trips and vacations with friends, I have been to 42 US states and many National and State Parks, Forests, Monuments and Historic Sites.

I also stepped a few feet into Mexico, walked on glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and spent almost a year in Israel. I spent my junior year at the University of Leicester in England, from where I hopped off to a nice mix of European countries. I went back to Israel summer 2008, the same summer I visited Egypt. The details of my travels are quite long; perhaps my blog is the best place to look if you are curious. Also note the interesting No Hot Ashes phenomena.

Whether by nature or nurture, my whole family is science-oriented.  We have been to the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tuscon, Arizona (I got to play with the mirror of the big solar telescope there) and the Green Bank Radio Observatory in West Virginia. (I've also visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.) We have also been to countless science museums and enjoyed them on different levels as I have grown up.

Some reasons why traveling is awesome:

  • Caves-
  • Geysers- Very cool mechanism
  • Fossils- I have a small collection of my own
  • Glaciers- Go out and see one before they disappear
  • Canyons- My family canoed 8 days through Canyonlands
  • General Geology- The parks are full of this
  • Plants and Animals- Each park has a unique ecosystem with its own variety.  Some parks are better than others for animals, but you can't avoid plants.  From living dirt to barnacles or birds living in cactuses, interesting things go on in these parks.
  • People- can't leave them out. The more I travel the more I realize that people are very similar

You should be able to guess where I am; this isn't exactly Carmen-Sandiego-level sleuthing.

I went to Egypt for Wikimania 2008 (the Wikipedia conference)


space shuttle
I went to Florida in 2011 to see space shuttle atlantis

Below is a map with some pins where I've been (pre-California)
If you want to know a specific spot, click here for a

Canyonlands National Park

Me at Chiracuaha National Monument


Hastings, England


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