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The northern lights from the ISS time-lapse, 3D, HD

Analysis of the Awesome Foundation Data here

Frying eggs with an old TV and the sun here

Car horn attached to my bicycle,

Arches and Igloos I've Made over the years

plastic bagsket at register
A plastic bagsket for grocery shopping.

Writing Matlab functions for MatlabCentral

I recorded how long it took me to drive to work for 3 months. See the graph and discussion here.
Snow path making
Social snow-path-making experiments

Why you should skip expensive wine, plotting results of blind-wine tasting.

Some art with the K-Means unsupervised learning algorithm, click here.

Power Spectra Art.

I organized a few parties on the Boston "T" details here..


Googlewhacks for Fun and Profit, Heaps' Law and Search Engine Index Size

An Original Catenary Demonstration with the help of the Amazing Mathclub.

A Physical model for river erosion. It worked!
and a Foucault's Pendulum it worked as well.
Analysis of the coke bottle dimmer I built for a Styrofoam lamp I made.

Spud gun (shoots potatoes 500+ft.)
Also our optimization calculations for the design
(outside link) 

A mini Wire Bike & an Experiment

Fun with Fractals, I wrote the program in Matlab (now I'm a real math geek).

My clock broke ... so I fixed it.

Analysis of a Harmonograph I built

Light is Day, Dark is Night
I found the equation then put the red line in with a Graphing Calculator

Equations for Tracking Satellite Paths

A hammock built from scratch.

Paternoster Spotting on Youtube

A Superconductor Magnet Levitation Experiment with the Mathclub.  It was tricky borrowing liquid nitrogen.

A demonstration of the neat Focusing abilities of a modern View Camera

Some Magic Eye stereographs I made with Matlab and some by hand in MS paint

Mechanical Drawings in Point Perspective


I suppose this is art.

Using equations to graph things in point perspective

Some backyard filmmaking


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