The College Dorm Microwave Cookbook 
"The less time consuming, the better for our consuming!"   By Jonathan Lansey
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College students fall into two categories, they are Lazy or Busy.  Therefore every recipe here makes one portion and most have no cleanup at all afterwards.  If it takes more than 1 line to describe, it's too complicated for this cookbook.

When I say "bowl" or "plate" I mean one that is very microwave safe. No plastic!
* If a starred instruction is left out, your meal may explode and leave a mess.
**Remember vegetables are never peeled, way way too much effort!  (you may want to wash them, standard)

All times are in minutes and based on my ancient microwave, you should probably half all the times or-
Buy me a new microwave!
I am a college student and would really appreciate it if you would help me buy a new microwave so I can update the times! I guarantee it will be used very well. $1 or $5 suggested donations. Thank you!
 Total so far: $10.50

   people have seen the 2450 MHz light   

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Without further ado- The Microwave Cookbook:

  • Rice
    Put a pile of rice in a bowl, fill bowl with water, zap for 20 (add frozen peas after for gourmet rice)
  • Pasta
    Put a pile of pasta in a bowl, water just up to height of the pile, zap for 10, no straining necessary (for gourmet pasta, add oil and sauce before you zap).
  • Eggs
    Mix* 2-3 in bowl, zap for 2, stir and zap for 2 more (Warning: bowl will be difficult to clean)
  • Sweet Potato**
    Put on a plate, zap for 22, (my personal favorite)
  • Baked Potato**
    Put on a plate, zap for 15
  • Tuna Fish
    Drain can and empty it upside-down on a plate, *cover with paper towel, zap for 2 (then it tastes fresh!)
  • Onion**
    Slice* in half, put on a plate, zap for 15
  • Baked apple
    Put apple in a bowl, *cover with paper towel, zap for 10
  • Squash (Acorn/ Butternut)
    Put on a plate, zap for 20 (add cinnamon for gourmet squash)
  • Pumpkin (small)
    Put in a bowl, zap for 25 (add cinnamon for gourmet pumpkin)
  • Corn on the Cob
    Put on a plate, zap for 8, peel husks
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Put cheese in bread then on a plate, zap for 15 Seconds
  • Filet of Salmon
    Put filet in a bowl, pour on vegetable oil, zap for 5-7 (Submitted by: Boris Baran)
  • Pizza
    Mix a small pile of flour with some water, spread on a plate, add sauce and cheese, zap for 5
  • Compact Disk
    Put one 1 CD in microwave, zap for 3 seconds or till it sparks, then throw out CD.

The Gourmet Microwave Cookbook:

  • Put prepared food in microwave, zap!


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